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Kids 4 Golf : Tour Rules & Leaderboard

Rules and Regulations for Points Determination:

  1. Only active members of Kids 4 Golf , whose membership dues have been paid prior to the event, are eligible to receive points for any given event.

  2. In the event of a tie, equal points are given to players who tie. As an example, if two players tie for second place, the second and third place points are totaled and divided by two. The next player would then receive fourth place points.

  3. If a junior golfer is disqualified or sanctioned for misconduct in any event, the junior is subject to a loss of points or further disciplinary action at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

  4. Points are rounded to the nearest half (1/2) point.

  5. Non-members do not receive points and their finishing position in a points awarded spot is vacated.

Points Rules:

  1. Player will earn points each week that they compete in a Kids 4 Golf Youth Tour event. Points will be awarded according to how they finish each event. There will be a 10 point maximum per division. 1st Place = 10, 2nd Place = 9, 3rd Place = 8 and so on. (example; in a division that has 8 participants the lowest point total will be 3). In the event of a tie points will be rounded to the nearest half (1/2) point.

  2. Weekly tournament points will be used to determine invitations for the K4G Championship at Silverado Resort & Spa. 

  3. Kids 4 Golf players must play in a minimum of 4 tournaments to be eligible to play in the Youth Tour championship.

 Kids 4 Golf 

2020 Youth Tour Leaderboard

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