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The Kalan Camacho Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Kalan Andrew Leon Guerrero Camacho was a 2013 ACHS graduate. 

Kalan achieved many awards both as a scholar and as an athlete while at ACHS. 

Kalan was American Canyon’s first ever Youth Honorary Commissioner for the

Parks & Recreation Commission. In his role, Kalan participated and ran city meetings.

He participated in the development of improvement for the city’s parks. 

Kalan also worked at Mark’s Sports Bistro as a line cook (he enjoyed the

challenge and fast paced kitchen environment) and was also heavily

involved in volunteering throughout the community.

Post graduation, Kalan attended Cal Poly Pomona earning a BA in

Civil Engineering in 2018. He was a member of the fraternity group Phi Kappa Tau.

Kalan was hired right out of college and worked as an

engineer at Kiewit Construction in Los Angeles.  

Kalan dreamed of returning to the Bay and in some way giving back to the

community of American Canyon. This memorial scholarship is to continue his

legacy by giving back to students and helping with their needs post high school.

Kalan is the son of Shawn and Josita Leon Guerrero Chaparro.

His brother is Gabe Camacho.

Your kind donations will go a long way to help keep Kalan's legacy alive and provide 

local high school seniors with scholarships to help offset their college costs.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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