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Youth Tour FAQs

Kids 4 Golf - Youth Tour

Frequently asked questions:

What does the K4G youth tour cost?  TBD  (registration cost to be prorated after week 1)

When does the tour begin and end?  The tour will begin in mid-March (2020) with the final Tour tournament being in early October. The top 16 players will move on to the TOUR championship (date & time still TBD).

Can I participate in individual tournaments if I choose to not join the Youth Tour?  Yes, you can register and play in individual tournaments (excluding the Tour Championship). Each individual tournament cost is $40.00 payable the day of the tournament. A parent or legal guardian must be present to sign release forms.

How many holes will the players play at each tournament?  ALL tournaments will be 9 hole tournaments. Advanced divisions may play 18 holes at the Tour Championship. To be determined prior to the Championship round.

Will lunch be provided?  We WILL NOT be providing lunch those days. However, most of the golf courses have agreed to provide a low cost lunch deal (hot dog, chips & drink) for around $5. Kids 4 Golf will provide plenty of water during each tournament. It is highly recommended that players bring snacks to keep in their golf bag to have access while playing.

How will you determine which 16 players will be moving on to the TOUR championship?  We will be using a point system to determine who those players will be. The players will earn points each week. The players with the most points in their division after the last tournament will move on to the TOUR championship. We will be using the total of 4 weeks points for each player.

Are spectators allowed?  Spectators will be allowed to follow their child during the tournaments. Standard spectator rules apply; Spectators must stay at least 30 yards BEHIND the players at all times. There is to be no communication with the players. Communicating with the players may result in disqualification after 1 verbal warning. Spectators may rent golf carts from the golf course (golf course standard cart rates apply). Carts MUST stay on cart paths at all times.

What rules apply during tournament play?  The players will be playing under standard USGA (United States Golf Association) rules and "local" course rules. There will be a rules director at each tournament. There is a USGA app for both iPhone & Android (we highly recommend using).

Will players be allowed to use Golf Carts or Push/Pull carts?  Players will be allowed to use push/pull carts during the tournaments. They WILL NOT be allowed to use or ride on motorized carts.

Can the players have a caddie?  YES! Kids 4 Golf is going to allow  players under the age of 12 to have a caddie during tournament play. That said, caddies will need to adhere to Kids 4 Golf caddie rules & requirements. (caddie rules & requirements to be posted soon) and attend the Caddie's meeting prior to the event.

Can rangefinders be used during tournament play?  Yes! Kids 4 Golf will allow the use of rangefinders.  

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